New Revolutionary Natural Parenting and Consignment Store in Cape Coral, Florida

Anybody who knows me even in passing knows that I absolutely melt at the opportunity to try out anything new and natural.   Lads and Lasses is an all natural parenting and consignment store in Cape Coral, Florida.  Not only can you bring to them your gently used clothes and toys so that you know that they will be put to good use again, but they have an entire section of the store completely dedicated to natural and organic products for entire family ranging from laundry detergents to amber teething necklaces and anklets for your little one.  Also, if you want to shop but have your kids with you (which we all know can be a difficult task), Lads and Lasses has a fantastic play room for your kids to keep them entertained.  If you are a breastfeeding mother and need somewhere to relax and feed your little one, Lads and Lasses also has cozy area for breastfeeding mothers!  This store is full service for your entire family.  Also, look out for special events on the last Saturday of every month, such as September’s Cupcakes and Portraits Day where the store had professional family photographer, Taylor Rowe, come in and do free portraits sessions for the guests.  I truly hope that you enjoy their Earth-friendly, natural-parenting paradise as much as we did! 🙂


For more information about Lads and Lasses, check out this article by the News-Press:


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