London’s Sweet Monster Three: A Party Fit For a (Monster) Prince.


Have you ever seen that television show “My Sweet Sixteen” on MTV where those seemingly vapid, unrealistic American teenagers selfishly torture their family’s into hosting extravagant parties and then they cry when the get a Lexus instead of a Lambo?  Okay- now imagine an elegant and age-appropriate birthday celebration for a gracious child with incredible friends and parents that shares that certain element of extravagance that you would see on a show such as that.  Clearly, I’d choose the latter.

My son is my best friend.  We experience everything together.  I am constantly striving to “one-up” the last smile on his face and bring him more of that beautiful joy into his sunshine-y soul, so this year, after careful consideration, I decided that three was the perfect age for him to pick a theme and create a beautiful party together.  The theme?  Monsters Inc., of course. 


We chose to use one of the oldest and most prominent estates in Florida, a venue called The Heitman House,  as our venue for the party.  The Heitman House specializes in weddings and special events of all kinds.  It is 105 years old, and was an engagement gift from it’s founder, businessman Gilmore Heitman, to his bride.  I strongly encourage anyone who is not familiar with the property to take a moment to check out their Facebook page:  I have never been more impressed with any other location in this area for all events.  


I went on an outrageous, weeklong cooking and baking spree! The menu for the party included nearly all homemade vegan and vegetarian dishes, with only two small exceptions, and was of course, immensely Earth-friendly!  Menu items included a modified version of the previously posted Monster Muffins, decadent (and scary) triple-chocolate cupcakes, PB&J mini wraps, refreshing cucumber salad, handmade caramel apples, kale chips, and of course, a Monsters-version of an infamous Baking Bad rock candy cake that was four thick layers tall and built tall to conquer!


We decided to skip the modern classic, a bounce house, and went a more artistic route with some of the activities.  Children were able to get in touch with their spooky side while painting pumpkins, get spoiled with glitter tattoos and professional face-painting by Character Birthday Parties, LLC, (, and even enjoy games for all ages such as corn hole, croquet, and bocce ball provided by the Global Marketplace.  (


Overall, the party was overflowing with creativity,  light and positivity.  It entailed a great deal of team work from friends and family, and the presence of the most effervescent party guests and courteous, enthusiastic staff is what truly made the day.  I cannot wait to see what London picks for next year’s theme, and in the meantime, we’ll be enjoying year number three and all that it has to offer our sweet family.  Happy October, Monsters! 🙂




2 thoughts on “London’s Sweet Monster Three: A Party Fit For a (Monster) Prince.

  1. You said: “My son is my best friend”. My son is the second best friend (after my wife)..There is a small age difference between our sons (50 years) but I was with you reading your wonderful post. Thank you. The very best for your family!

    • Jeffrey, that is so inspirational to hear another person refer to their family members as their dearest friends! I hope that all people of the world are lucky enough to experience those feelings! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Great people such as yourself are what make it worth taking the extra time out of my day to express myself. 🙂

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